20 Great Quotes from Transforming Church in Rural America

My wife and I went to a TWENTYFOURHOUR pastors workshop and it pumped a ton of vision and possibilities into our ministry. Over the past three months I have been pouring into my leadership team. We just completed a great book by Shannon O’Dell. It was not only a great read, his humor great sense of imagination made for a pleasant read. We would like to share with you 10 qoutes that stood out as we read O’Dell’s book. Here are the quotes:

Don’t settle for good intentions, but God-led interventions. Don’t settle for good activities, but accomplishments. And above all, be obedient to the call of God, allowing God to consume idle sticks so that you can burn for him.

The first, or even the moment when you know something needs to change, is an opportunity to be expectant about God moving in your ministry.

When you desire to grow congregants, then you are going to see transformation in their lives and within the church.

It’s not always easy to implement change in your ministry at a church with deeply ingrained traditions. Change often means some conflict, but change is vital in fulfilling God’s call in your life.

Vision is us in action, hearing what God wants us to do then providing the vehicle to allow that vision to come to fruition.

everyone likes change – except when it makes things different. What we want is yesterday, today, and tomorrow all tied up in one neat little package – a package that does not exist. what we need is a well-honed attitude emerging from a disciplined mind and a faithful heart.

The people who leave your church today will be pumping gas next to you tomorrow, and the next day they will be shopping on row 12 at the Walmart just like you, because there is only one Walmart in your whole county.

It is very difficult to challenge the family dynasties that “own” most rural churches. Rural churches are in bondage. They are enslaved to the “seemed to be leaders,” crippled by bureaucracy and tradition that can make true leaders fearful to make decisions and chart clear direction.

In the end, it was the salvation of our church. certain things hand to die so we could be set free to live.

Leadership is resisting the urge to settle.

My life, my wife, and my marriage have got to be red-hot, because a red-hot marriage and a functional family is the most powerful evangelistic tool in rural America.

The main focus of our marriage is not to stay “in love.” The main focus of marriage is obedience to God because He has called you to continue to love regardless.

Leadership is born out of life change. Leaders emerge when someone’s life is transformed on the inside, not when you bring in a hired gun from the outside. Therefore, leadership is not professional, it’s personal.

If you don’t love people, you are not called.

Small doesn’t have to mean boring. Rural doesn’t have to mean a lack of innovation. Excellence is not found in the detail or design of a building. Success is not found in the building’s size.

Endurance is excellence over a long haul.

God works in obscurity, but his vision and dreams are generally very clear – even if he reveals them only one small step at a time.

People with little vision always go after with big vision. Anytime God has called you to a bigger vision, there is always someone within arm’s reach who will gently try to choke the dream out of you. At these times you might need to fight fire with fire.

Enthusiasm will fade away and those without it run for cover. But the leader who has passion will barely yield.

People with God-size dreams are practical and don’t react or overreact. They just act. It’s God’s vision, it’s God’s will, and so they practically approach it in obedience.

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