How to live a Spirit Empowered Life

I’m convinced that God is calling us from a life of independence to complete reliance on him. I can do nothing in my strength. I can’t pray adequately, but the “Spirit himself intercedes for me in my weakness.” I don’t have the power to witness, but “I receive power when the Spirit comes upon me.” I can’t live holy in my strength, but if I “keep in step with the Spirit, I won’t gratify the desires of the flesh.”

Walter Bright

How active is the Holy Spirit in your life?  Are you living the abundant Christian life the Jesus promised to all his followers?  I believe it all depends on how much access and freedom you give him to truly live a Spirit empowered life.

The case for the Spirit

The first question to ask is where is the Holy Spirit in the Bible and how involved is Him in the grand scheme of things.

In the Old Testament 

We first find Him in the beginning as the source of life.  He strives with men.  He is the very manifestation of God.  He has a special relationship with Israel; he guides and empowers men from all walks of life to do exploits for God.

In the New Testament

In the New Testament, the Holy Spirit’s role in the ministry of Jesus and in the Early Church is on full display. In fact, the…

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